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Artist: Serge Nikol
Release date: September 18-13:00 PM
Genre: Country, Dance
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Serge Nikol

If you’re looking for the perfect soundtrad for slow-burning, candle-lit romance, you’ve just found it in Serge Nikol's
debut EP Dreamin'.

The disc kicks off with the bluesy forcefulness of ”Strong Enough", but the growl soon softens into a purr."Travel" has a
lounge-y vibe; the slowed-down samba beat brings to mind swaying palm trees and brilliant sunsets.
In stark contrast to this,”September in Moscow" is a wistful lament for times gone by.
Nikol’s gorgeous, laid-back take on The Cure's classic “Love Song” features heartfelt vocals and a soaring trumpet line
and the humour and sentiment on bilingual track "l'm Cold” will make your sweetheart want to draw nearer still.
Jazzy closer ”Dreamin" is relatable and romantic; if your lover isn't eating out of your hand at this point, they never will.
The Toronto-based singer-songwriter recorded Dreamin' with famed Serbian producer Voja Aralica during a three-week
stint, resulting in full-bodied production that does justice to Nikol's exemplary songwriting.
You may never want to wake up from this dream.   

Sofi Papamarko

"Strong enough" blasts through with a rock attitude and cool blues. All the right stuff is
here-expertly played electric guitar, soulful organ, solid black beat and a voice that'd do
well an arena or hometown blues club. Unlike some blues it's a positive message so
pump your fist in the air and sing along to this great song.

Jamie Anderson

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